Date: August 24 and 25th

What: One session each day consisting of 1.5 to 2 hours of riding in groups of 3 or 4 riders

Cost: $150.00

Location: SCEC arena

Clinician: Darcy Henkel


Darcy is an Irwin Insights Level 3 Master Certified Trainer, former trainer for the VPD mounted unit and founding member of West Coast Working Equitation. She participates in the sport as both a clinician and a competitor.


Working Equitation is an equestrian discipline founded in Europe that showcases the equitation techniques involved in ranch work. Competitions include classes in dressage, ease of handling, speed through obstacles and cow work.


It can be done in ANY TACK and ANY LEVEL OF RIDER can participate.


Advancing from introductory to master requires increasing levels of skill that tests the horse and rider partnership through a set of obstacles.

Obstacles include gates, bridges, spearing a ring and many more.


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